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The immigration process is complicated. The Library of Congress has determined that immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law, second only to tax law.  It is also stressful because of the uncertainty around the outcome and the long wait times involved.  At many points in the process, you may feel overwhelmed or like the situation cannot be resolved, making it even harder to stick with it. Luckily, we are here to help. 

Abogada Ashley Immigration is a law firm focused on helping you work through the immigration process in Bend, OR. She has over ten years of experience in handling family and humanitarian immigration cases. This gives her a deep understanding of the process and how to handle many different situations. 

Her team is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping. Abogada Ashley and her staff also speak fluent Spanish, making the process even easier if you are a native Spanish speaker. 

If you’re ready to meet your immigration goals, Abogada Ashley is ready to help you get there.


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criminal background check

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Helping the People of Bend, Oregon

For Abogada Ashley, immigration law is about helping undocumented people with unique stories. That is why she has made places like Bend, Oregon a focus for her practice. Deschutes County is filled with hardworking, law abiding immigrants who shouldn’t have to worry about being separated from their families due to immigration issues. Oregon is a state where one out of every ten people is an immigrant. This is a significant portion of the state’s population and comprises people who help keep this great state running. In fact, one out of every eight workers is an immigrant. The role and importance of Oregon’s immigrant population cannot be overstated. However, these people face more than their fair share of problems. Less than half of these people have been naturalized, though many are eligible. In addition, many immigrants are still undocumented and face all of the challenges that come with not having legal immigration status. Our goal is to help as many people as possible who make up Oregon’s immigrant population. Whether you need help with your work permit, a green card, a temporary immigration status, citizenship, or you need assistance dealing with ICE, we are here for you.

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About Abogada Ashley

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Some legal practices split their time between immigration and other types of law. These large firms often place only a little attention on immigration as a whole. 

However, Abogada Ashley’s office only focuses on immigration cases. They believe that this intense level of focus allows them to provide excellent legal representation in a constantly changing practice area. They truly know what is going on in the world of immigration law and keep up to date with any news surrounding it.  They understand the nuances of immigration law that some firms who handle multiple practice areas may overlook. Because of this, they can provide immigration legal assistance like no other firm out there. 

While Abogada Ashley is strictly focused on immigration law, that doesn’t mean she only does one thing. Immigration law is complex and diverse. There are many types of immigration cases. So, her level of focus and the experience she carries with her allows her to handle a wide variety of different cases within this field. She can help you with:


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