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New U Visa Update: Bona Fide Determination

We’ve covered U visas in previous articles, but we want to update you about bona fide determination. The USCIS announced that it would grant certain U visa applicants work authorization and deferred action status while their applications are pending, as long as they meet specific conditions. We’ll talk a little about U visas in general

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I-751 Form: Everything You Need To Know 

Many green cards are good for ten years and are able to be renewed indefinitely. However, if you obtained your green card through your marriage and were married for less than two years when you obtained it, your green card is likely conditional and will expire after two years. Before those two years are up,

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Green Card Application Tax Return: Is It Needed? 

When you want to become a U.S. resident through marriage, you’ll have to have a sponsor that proves you won’t be a financial burden to public resources. They will have to submit their tax return documents to the USCIS to show that they will be a dependable financial resource for you. The sponsor has to

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Joint Sponsorship: How It Works and Requirements

There are many factors to consider regarding family-based immigration, especially financial resources. The United States government wants to ensure that an immigrant will not become a public charge. For that reason, when a permanent resident or U.S. citizen sponsors a family member or spouse, they need to show proof that they will financially support the

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Find Out Which Family Members Can Sponsor You

U.S. citizens can receive many benefits from the U.S. government, including bringing their foreign-born relatives to the States. The USCIS issues many family-sponsored green cards each year. However, not every relative can immigrate to the U.S. You will need to follow specific requirements and restrictions. Here are a couple of things to know about which

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Who Qualifies for VAWA? 

Generally, those seeking to gain citizenship in the United States need the help of their citizen family members. But what if the person you’d typically seek help from is also your abuser? What if this person is threatening to withhold or withdraw your petition so they can gain control over you? If this situation sounds

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How To Write A VAWA Emotional Abuse Letter

If you’re filing for US residency under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) due to emotional abuse, you probably have many questions. In addition to filing a self-petition, you must submit evidence demonstrating that you meet VAWA’s eligibility requirements.  The self-petition is a crucial aspect of approval; in it, you must describe your relationship with

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VAWA Cancellation Of Removal: What You Need To Know

No one should endure physical or emotional abuse. However, many men, women, and children go through these cruelties without protest, fearing the consequences of speaking out. People going through the immigration process are especially vulnerable — abusive sponsors can use the process in an attempt to keep them silent. However, the Violence Against Women Act

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VAWA for Parents of US Citizens

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) supports and protects victims of abuse that are in a relationship with a US permanent resident or citizen. Under the VAWA program, parents that have been the victim of mistreatment or abuse in their relationship with their child can apply for their green card without the knowledge or assistance

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VAWA Denied After Prima Facie: What Happens Next?

Receiving a prima facie determination means that the USCIS received your VAWA application and you provided sufficient evidence to show you qualify— it doesn’t mean that your petition has been approved or denied. So what happens if your VAWA application gets denied after prima facie? Why did the USCIS deny your petition? What happens next?

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How To Get A Green Card In the USA Without Marriage

There are various ways to become a green card holder in the US. Becoming a permanent resident through marriage is one of the most common options — but what if you’re not married and don’t plan to be anytime soon? Luckily, you have other options. Related: Green Card Denied? Here’s What Happens Next Are There

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Green Card?

If you’re a foreign national or immigrant looking to obtain a green card, you’re probably curious about the costs involved. The fees for getting a green card include those paid to the USCIS along with related expenses, like your required medical exam and biometrics appointment. We’ll discuss the costs of getting a green card and

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How To Protect Yourself When Marrying A Foreigner

As a United States citizen, you can marry someone from another county. However, there are a few things to take into consideration. You will need to understand the current U.S. immigration laws that can help you obtain a green card for your partner. You must also protect yourself when marrying a person from a foreign

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What Happens During the USCIS Background Check?

A USCIS background check can be a stressful time for any applicant. You want to ensure you have filled out the proper forms and provided the necessary documents for the application. Working with an attorney can help you through this complex process. Here’s what you need to know about a USCIS background check. Want to

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How Long Does VAWA Take To Be Approved?

VAWA is known as the Violence Against Women Act. It was passed in 1994, creating a lawful immigration route for those victims of domestic abuse who rely on their abusers to file immigration paperwork for them to obtain lawful status. VAWA has changed how victims in abusive situations can get legal status without the control

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