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"I am so blessed and grateful to have met my attorney Ashley Arcidiacono. In my experience of having her help me with my immigration case, it was the best Ashley is a great human being a person and as an Attorney. I could sense her a good vibe and sincerity. She is very educated and professional and her job. Ashley made the impossible possible for me. She gave me hopes for a good future and fought for me to help me in anyway she could even though my case was very hard, Ashley didn't give up on me she researched and went through every little detail in my case to see in what areas could she help me, she never made me feel alone she was more like a friend who was always there by my side through all. Ashley Arcidiacono help me won my Asylum caseĀ in immigration court. I just don't have the words to express how grateful and fortunate I am to have met such an amazing person and attorney. Sincerely B.R."

-- Blanca, June 19, 2018